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The adage, “Fail to plan, plan to fail” certainly applies to any exam preparation. At Ultimate Tutors we are experts in preparing students for the biggest exams of their lives. Not only will we help them beat the tests, we will help them earn the high scores for their future academic pursuits.


We offer test preparation in several ways so you can pick the method that works best for your child, lifestyle and budget.


Ultimate Tutors offers proven test preparation that includes all elements your child needs to be equipped for Secondary school, Sixth form, College or University.


We’ll take the panic out of test prep and get your child on a path to success with our personalized test prep program that is based on one-on-one in-person or online tutoring sessions to help strengthen weak areas, catch up on missed academic concepts and stay on track for future academic success.


Working with our experienced Tutors in a one-on-one setting allows your child to get the undivided attention of their Tutor, which leads to greater lesson engagement and more accountability to maximize their test scores. From Year 6 SATs Assessment Tests to KS4, GCSE exams, we have a step-by-step toolkit for each test to help Tutors identify each student’s test preparation needs, map out the test preparation period and excel on the exam day. We carefully consider past papers, common exam mistakes and frequently asked test questions, to guide our students through extensive practice questions and ease the tension before the big day.


This is How it Works

After an in-depth consultation with our Education Consultant, students provide Ultimate Tutors with a list of topics and concepts they need to be covered for their exams. Ultimate Tutors then develops a personalized exam preparation package for each student.


The Exam Preparation Package Includes:

  • Curriculum Worksheets, Practice Exams and Solutions for each topic
  • Personalized Study Plan for Time Management
  • Proven Test-Taking Techniques and Test Anxiety Strategies
  • Review of Past Exam Papers and Common Student Mistakes

The Test Preparation Services Includes:

  • Year 6 SATs
  • 11+plus,7+, 13+ etc
  • End of unit tests in school
  • KS4 (GCSE) and KS5(A'LEVEL) exams
  • University Midterm and Final Exams prep
  • Professional Exams Prep


Your child will experience a complete practice exam and learn test-taking techniques that will help improve their test scores, and ultimately confidence in themselves and their abilities. Let us help eliminate pre-test stress and confusion by matching your child with a qualified Tutor to help pave the way for exam success!


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